From Farm to Table: The Story of Your NOOCI Supplements

From Farm to Table: The Story of Your NOOCI Supplements - NOOCI

From reishi mushrooms to perilla leaves to cinnamon bark – at NOOCI, we pride ourselves in sourcing the highest quality ingredients to provide you with an unparalleled TCM experience.

Our Sustainably-Sourced Herbs

When it comes to your health, you deserve nothing other than the best. However, the truth is that not all herbs are created equal – especially when it comes to quality.

The potency of active ingredients, the flavor, and the longevity of a supplement are impacted by the herbs’ growing environment as well as how they’re collected and processed. This starts from the very beginning: the plant.

As different herbs require different, dedicated care, we’ve carefully selected and vetted our global network of farmers – all of NOOCI’s herbs are sourced responsibly – and we rely on their expertise to know what’s best for our plants. These are the experts who determine what it takes to yield the purest, most potent herbs, and precision is key when it comes to developing an optimal growing environment for our plants.

While we love and trust our growing partners, we also rely on scientific methods and quantitative analyses to ensure that every plant is grown exactly the way we want them before we put them into NOOCI supplements.

That’s why we partnered with PuraPharm, a global leader with decades of experience in research and development (R&D) and manufacturing of TCM herbs and products.

With a world-class GMP-compliant laboratory, we provide reliability and confidence through its cutting-edge processes and techniques. The quality and potency of the herbs are repeatedly tested throughout the manufacturing process for quality assurance purposes, just so that we can be certain that every capsule follows our proprietary formulas exactly.

So, how exactly do these herbs transform into our NOOCI supplements? We’re glad you asked.


Our Scientific Process

Once harvested, the herbs are dried immediately to preserve their quality and potency, and they are subsequently sorted and cut in preparation for the extraction process. All our supplements go through three main processes: extraction, concentration and drying.

Using a dynamic extraction process, we are able to preserve the herbs’ potency while retrieving the bioactive ingredients for our herbal supplements. Subsequently, the herbs go through an automated percolation system and undergo a preservation process using a water/ethanol mixture that preserves their bioactive ingredients. This system allows us to control the temperature, pressure, percolation flow, and contact time with exact precision so that no matter the plant, you’re receiving the highest quality of ingredients. Additionally, we use an aromatic volatile fraction recovery system that captures and reincorporates the aroma profiles of ingredients lost during extraction.

After the bioactive ingredients have been extracted and preserved, it’s time to concentrate the extracts to make them even more potent. We use a low-temperature dual evaporator to minimize degradation, thus preserving maximum potency of the extracts’ bioactive ingredients. Once we derive the liquid concentrates, they undergo a flash pasteurization process to eliminate all possible contaminants.  These sterilized concentrates are then dried in order to become highly concentrated powders, which are then mixed and matched in accordance with our proprietary formulas to become your favorite NOOCI supplements.

Furthermore, to ensure that all our products meet the highest standards for safety, consistency, and efficacy, our supplements go through multiple rounds of rigorous testing throughout the whole supply chain flow – just so that we can make sure that you are getting nothing but the best from NOOCI.


And last (but certainly not least) – these TCM supplements make their way to you!


Our Mission

At NOOCI, it is our mission and privilege to help women reclaim and elevate their lives through TCM, and we do it by weaving advanced science and technology into this ancient art form.  We only provide the best of TCM, because there is simply no other alternative.


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