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Women’s Longevity

30 reviews

We mix Traditional Chinese Medicine with Western practices to create ReNoo, our signature product: with a subtle green tea-meets-barley tea taste, ReNoo blends easily into your comforting daily brew or smoothie to help optimize your overall health. Our proprietary, plant-based formula comes in single-serving packs that fit conveniently into your pocket, so that you can take ReNoo on-the-go with you for whenever you need an extra boost.

  • Stimulates metabolism and boosts energy levels
  • Combats bloating and aids digestion
  • Protects against free radicals and boosts immunity
  • Maintains healthy skin and supports youthful aging
  • Lowers sugar cravings

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            Supplement Facts

            Suggested Use

            A cup a day will leave your skin feeling radiant and fresh. ReNoo is packaged in sachets that can be mixed into hot water, tea, smoothies, or other drinks of choice. ReNoo: Take 1 pack for daily maximum results, and up to 3 packs per day if you're feeling like you need an extra boost. Mixed in water, tea or drink of choice.

            Please note, if dissolving in water powder will NOT fully dissolve.

            Seasonal Change Bundle

            Seasonal changes call for a bundle of ReNoo and Noo Air that work harmoniously to strengthen absorption and potency, leading to full-body wellness

            Purchase Options

            • Third Party Tested

            • USP Certified

            • Made In Japan

            • Non-GMO

            • Vegan + Gluten Free

            • No Artificial Colorants

            ReNoo: A Boost of Something Noo

            • Reduce Bloating + Digestive Support

              ReNoo’s trio of fermented ingredients – coix seeds, soybeans, and brown rice – are rich in probiotics which aid digestion and reduce bloating. Antioxidant-rich cinnamon also helps alleviate bloating by providing relief for indigestion and gas symptoms.

            • Kickstart Your Metabolism

              Young barley grass and green tea work in tandem in boost your metabolism; young barley grass helps accelerate the metabolism of fat in the body and studies have shown that the caffeine and catechins found in green tea may speed up metabolism by helping you burn more calories.

            • Lower Sugar Craving

              Gymnema Sylvestre combats sugar cravings by blocking the tongue’s sugar receptors, and studies have shown those who took the herb before meals were less likely to indulge in sugary foods. Also found in ReNoo to help lower sugar craving: cinnamon, acerola cherry, fermented coix seeds, green tea, and young barley grass.

            Product Ingredients

            We live in a modern world that cares about our wellbeing – but not every holistic approach is created equal.

            The Power Of Extraction

            We’ve carefully selected and vetted our global network of farmers – all of NOOCI’s herbs are sourced responsibly and undergo immediate drying to preserve their quality.

            • Dynamic Extraction

              Once dried, our herbs undergo a dynamic extraction and preservation process, allowing us to retrieve high-quality bioactive ingredients and recover aromatic fragrances.

            • Concentrated Extracts

              Our extracts then go through a dual evaporator to be further condensed. This ensures maximum potency of our formulas – each capsule packs a punch!

            • Diligent Testing

              To ensure that all our products meet the highest standards for safety, consistency, and efficacy, our supplements go through multiple rounds of rigorous testing throughout the whole supply chain flow – just so that we can make sure that you are getting nothing but the best from NOOCI.

            See What Experts Are Saying

            • "I really like NOOCI’s products and their approach to formulations. My patients are always looking for easy solutions to maintain their well-being, which is why I recommend ReNoo - Women’s Longevity. As a working mom with my own medical practice, my philosophy is less is more, and integrating easy routines is something I want all my patients to ingrain into their long-term health."

              Dr. Wendy Wong
              PhD, BCM
            • "As an Integrative Medicine physician, I am always looking for safe and effective treatments for my patients. Many prefer Traditional Chinese Medicine that is safe and natural. NOOCI does just that by providing effective herbal supplements that combine Traditional Chinese Medicine with modern science for relief from allergies (Noo Air) and painful periods (Noo Moon) as well as a wonderful remedy promoting overall wellness (ReNoo)."

              Dr. Robin H. Miller
              MD, MHS
            • "I am very excited about Nooci's modern TCM formulas.  So far I have found them to be great on their own as well as in combination with a classic patent or individualized formula.  For example, Re Noo with Gui Pi Wan or Bu Zhong Yi Qi wan can be a winning combination.  The same with Noo Air and Noo Moon. For example, I like Noo Moon for patients with deficiency and stasis patterns.  The individual ingredients are impeccably sourced so I feel confident recommending them."

              Jillian L. Capodice
              MS, LAC

            Frequently asked questions

            What's the best way to take ReNoo?

            ReNoo comes in the form of granules, so it won't dissolve entirely - though you can hardly tell when you drink it, since it incorporates into liquids so well.

            We love it in its more authentic form by just adding hot water! You can refill your water until there are no more granules left throughout the morning. Another great way to enjoy ReNoo is to blend it in your smoothie, lattes, or any other beverages you prefer.

            Do I need to take ReNoo every day?

            To effect long-term change, we recommend that you take ReNoo consistently over a continuous period. The herbs work cumulatively, meaning each dosage works gradually towards restoring and eventually maintaining your qi balance. It is okay to forget and miss a dose -- just take it as soon as you remember!

            When can I expect to see effects?

            TCM herbal practice is all about long-term maintenance and restoring balance (yin and yang energy) in the body. For some, it can take 3-4 weeks to feel effects, and for others it can take 6-8 weeks. It really depends on your body.

            For best results, you should take your herbs daily to feel the accumulated effects.

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            Ellen D.
            Hong Kong Hong Kong
            I recommend this product

            Green tea mornings

            I've been super into my morning coffee routine - but when I started taking Renoo, it's been a great alternative since sometimes I feel over caffeinated and jittery from coffee. I also love the mild green tea taste.

            Chelsea T.
            United States United States
            I recommend this product

            Wanted to like this

            I really wanted to like this product. It has worked well for my sister, and so I gave it a try. Unfortunately it made me very nauseous after drinking it, so I had to discontinue using it after the first week. I also wasn't sure how much caffeine is in each serving due to the green tea powder. I wasn't able to confirm that on the nutritional information or the product page on the website. I try to avoid consuming a lot of caffeine, so it would be nice to have the caffeine content clearly listed as well. I'm currently taking the Noo Moon product, which my body is tolerating well, so I'm hopeful that I'll start to see the effects of that soon.

            Maritza F.
            United States United States
            I recommend this product


            Me encanto se lo recomiendo a mis amistades

            Arlyn G.
            United States United States
            I recommend this product

            So far, so good

            The taste of Renoo is fantastic, it tastes like green tea. It sometimes does not dissolve well (I use very hot water) so I just tend to scrape the rest of the powder down with a spoon, which is no big deal. On the first few days, I noticed that bowel movement was "smoother" though regularity was not an issue with me. I also experienced "more sleepiness" which i'm not sure if this is a side effect of Renoo - I remember that when I did holistic medicines in the past, during the detox period - I was very sleepy. I am wondering if there is a "detox" period for Nooci products which means that some toxins might be flushing out and manifesting themselves in more pronounced symptoms. For example, I also noticed that my shoulder stiffening worsened (probably not related to Nooci at all!) and according to a massage therapist - these are "cold air" that was trapped in my body. I have not had the benefit of diminishing my "sugar cravings" - I still am looking for my daily chocolate :). Anyhow, I know that benefits cannot be had overnight so my rating is so far, so good! I wish the price was a bit cheaper though.

            Colleen I.
            United States United States
            I recommend this product

            Great supplement!

            Have been using it for several months now. Easy to drink and prepare. Helps with my sugar cravings, and overall digestion.

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