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From Herb to Bottle

All of NOOCI’s herbs are responsibly sourced: every plant is supplied by our global network of carefully-vetted suppliers, whom we trust to provide the optimal growing environment to yield the purest and most potent ingredients.

Once harvested and dried, the herbs are extracted at low temperature to maximize the preservation of active ingredients, which is then followed by a sterilization process to ensure that the herbs are free from pathogens and heavy metals. Next, we concentrate the extracts into granules to enhance potency in our supplements.

Every Detail is Science-Backed

Every herb and ingredient is different and the potency relies on precise scientific methods, so we rely on our scientists and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the purity of every ingredient we put into our products. Additionally, we employ advanced testing techniques to perform quantitative analysis of active ingredients within each herb in order to make sure that our formulas are followed exactly.

Quality is Everything

All NOOCI products undergo multiple rounds of rigorous in-house testing throughout the supply chain flow, and we also work with an independent third-party lab to ensure that our products meet the highest standards for safety, reliability, and efficacy.

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