Practitioner's Spotlight: Dr. Minh Dao Nguyen

Practitioner's Spotlight: Dr. Minh Dao Nguyen - NOOCI

Meet Dr. Minh Dao Nguyen, Founder of Nguyen Chiropractic & Acupuncture Wellness. By being a dual practitioner in chiropractic and acupuncture, he is able to aid his patients back through holistic methods. 

Find out more about Dr. Minh Dao Nguyen below!

How did you begin as a chiropractor and acupuncturist?

I originally wanted to be a pediatrician. However, while volunteering in hospitals and shadowing doctors, I felt like there was a lack of physical doctor-patient interaction which was what I really wanted. After some research, I discovered chiropractic which was pretty much what I was truly looking for and acupuncture came right after. I feel that chiropractic and acupuncture complement each other so well, because one focuses on the outer aspect of the body while the other internally, it allows me to see conditions from both an eastern and western perspective, like yin and yang.


What inspired you to be part of the health and wellness space instead?

I have always wanted to be a healthcare provider, that is for certain. Growing up in a poor country of Vietnam, healthcare was a luxury. Not everyone could afford the medical attention we do here in America. In Vietnam, the saying is “money talk”, so in order for the doctor to even see you, one would have to have money. Growing up I was very sickly, and being in the hospital a couple of times, it was heartbreaking seeing people lying on the floor just waiting to be seen or even get some kind of acknowledgement. I’ve heard cases where people would even jump off of buildings because they were suffering or were in so much pain. Everyone has the right to healthcare, and they deserve it as well, I believe. 


What do you see is crucial to improve amongst our busy lifestyles?

I’m a huge proponent of an active and healthy lifestyle. It’s important to take care of yourself, whether it be maintaining your stress, healthy eating habits, or just being active. My father always says, “How can you take care of your patients if you can’t even take care of yourself. You have to be a role model for your patients.”


How do you meld and find balance in your daily personal life, running your practice, and the many projects you bring about?

I always make sure to give myself time to do things my way, which is the whole reason why I opened my own practice. I make sure I have time to go to the gym, get enough rest, and maintain a low level of stress. I make sure my schedule works for me. I understand that it’s a business but it should not come at the cost of your health. My philosophy professor once said, “Moderation is a virtue. You don’t want too much of anything and you don’t want too little of anything. Just right.”


Outside of your practice, what do you do to balance your wellbeing? 

I’m a bit of an introverted extrovert. I love talking to my patient’s and interacting with them, but there are times where I just want to sit back and do some painting and illustration while sipping some tea. I love the outdoors, whether it be running, biking, rollerblading or hiking, just let me breathe some fresh air. The times I spend by myself, allows for my creative side to prosper.

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