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  • ReNoo Women's Longevity

    Packed with 13 all-natural ingredients. ReNoo blends easily into your comforting daily brew or smoothie to help optimize your overall health.


    • Stimulates metabolism and boosts energy levels
    • Combats bloating and aids digestion
    • Protects against free radicals and boosts immunity
    • Maintains healthy skin and supports youthful aging
    • Lowers sugar cravings

  • Noo Air Nasal Relief

    Our herbal blend, combines three natural ingredients to clear nasal blockage.


    • Promotes healthy airflow
    • Eases congestion
    • Boosts immunity
    • Supports nasal allergy symptoms
    • Strengthens the body’s response to common allergens

  • Noo Moon Menstrual Support

    Our herbal blend eases cramps and other PMS symptoms.


    • Provides relief from cramps
    • Reduces bloating
    • Lifts mood
    • Renews energy
    • Eases PMS symptoms
    • Supports irregular cycles

Our Noo Air Clinical Study

Of the 40 study participants, 100% experienced 2 or more symptoms prior to the commencement of the clinical study runny nose, nasal discharge, and poor sleep quality are the top 3 symptoms experienced by our study participants.

    How It Works

    Join us on a journey of discovery with NOOCI. With our commission based model you will be able to earn while offering your clients high quality formulas designed to improve health and well-being.

    Ancient Wisdom Meets Science

    • Ingredients

      We take an East-meets-West approach to our unique formulations. Our clinically proven ingredients are safe, effective, and follow the best practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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    • NOOCI

      Our NOOCI products - ReNoo Women's Longevity, Noo Air Nasal Relief, and Noo Moon Menstrual Support are derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine herbal formulas that target women at all stages of life.

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    • Science

      Every herb and ingredient is different and the potency relies on precise scientific methods. We rely on our scientists and state-of-the-art technology to ensure purity and potency of every ingredient we work with.

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    Experts Are Saying

    • "As an Integrative Medicine physician, I am always looking for safe and effective treatments for my patients. Many prefer Traditional Chinese Medicine that is safe and natural. NOOCI does just that by providing effective herbal supplements that combine Traditional Chinese Medicine with modern science for relief from allergies (Noo Air) and painful periods (Noo Moon) as well as a wonderful remedy promoting overall wellness (ReNoo)."

      Dr. Robin H. Miller
      MD, MHS
    • "I am very excited about Nooci's modern TCM formulas.  So far I have found them to be great on their own as well as in combination with a classic patent or individualized formula.  For example, Re Noo with Gui Pi Wan or Bu Zhong Yi Qi wan can be a winning combination.  The same with Noo Air and Noo Moon. For example, I like Noo Moon for patients with deficiency and stasis patterns.  The individual ingredients are impeccably sourced so I feel confident recommending them."

      Jillian L. Capodice
      MS, LAC
    • ReNoo
      Taming My Sugar Cravings

      "As someone with a sweet tooth, I used to crave sugar every afternoon. But since drinking ReNoo, I feel my blood sugar levels have become more stable.

      I also noticed that my cravings have gone and also my digestion is much better! I drink it mixed with warm water on an empty stomach every morning and have now been using it for over 5 months."

    • Noo Air
      Highly Recommend

      "I had been taken Claritin for a decade plus but it stopped working for me. So, I switched to Xyzal which worked great for allergy symptom reduction but made me perpetually lethargic. I started taking Noo Air and it balanced out the fatigue as well as reduced my allergy symptoms. Highly recommend."

    • Noo Moon
      Bloating gone

      "I’ve been taking Noo Moon for about 5 months now, and it took about 2 months until I saw that my bloating has decreased significantly. I’ll still have cramps but it’s much more manageable, especially on my first day of my period where I’m usually lying sideways or crunched over at my desk for the day. Will definitely continue on to see how this can help in the long run!"

    Frequently Asked Questions


    How do I pronounce NOOCI?

    NOOCI is pronounced “noo-chee”. The name comes from 女氣, which means Women Energy in Mandarin Chinese.

    Are the herbs cooked or uncooked?

    All of NOOCI’s herbal formulas use the highest quality ingredients. For maximum efficacy and benefit, the herbs are ‘cooked’ during our proprietary extraction process.

    Can the capsules be opened and mixed in water or beverages?

    Yes, if desired, all of our encapsulated formulas can be opened and mixed in warm water or your beverage of choice.

    Practitioners Program

    What benefits are there for being an enrolled practitioner?

    As an enrolled practitioner, you can enjoy the following benefits:

    • Offer your clients high quality daily formulas, while supplementing your practice’s additional revenue stream
    • Grow your network and build relationships with TCM thought leaders
    • Receive education and marketing support to help you grow your practice
    • Receive a one-time 50% discount off your first order of products (for yourself or resale at your practice); there is no minimum order quantity 
    • Receive up to 30% off your subsequent orders; contact us to inquire about minimum order quantity 
    • Be the first to receive exclusive promotions, launches, and news about our events

    How much additional income can I earn with NOOCI?

    With our commission based direct order model, you can easily scale your additional income to the size of your practice. For example if you see 50 clients a week and recommend NOOCI to 20 of these clients, over the course of a year you could see an additional $960 in practice revenue.

    I don’t have my herbal license, am I able to recommend these formulas in my state?

    All of NOOCI’s formulas are registered as supplements with the FDA. By using mild herbs and ingredients, our formulas are perfect to use as daily constitutional support. If you are unsure about your scope of practice, kindly check with your state’s licensing board.

    Is there any commitment?

    No, there is no long-term commitment! We have designed our Practitioner program to be very flexible and accommodating to suit your practice’s needs. We have full confidence in our products in being a gentle, effective, and convenient way to incorporate TCM into every modern woman’s daily routine.


    How can I easily order inventory for my office?

    For your first order, you’ll receive an exclusive one-time 50% off promotional code in your welcome email. For all subsequent orders, please reach out directly to us at hello@mynooci.com.

    What’s the easiest way for my clients to order NOOCI formulas?

    Your patients can easily order NOOCI formulas via your unique Practitioner Link. On their first order, they will receive an exclusive 15% off with your custom code. With each purchase your client makes using your link, you will receive a 25% commission. Many practitioner's add their custom link to their practice website or social media so clients can easily order as they need. 

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    For partnership enquiries, get in touch with catherine at catherine@mynooci.com

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