Spotlight on Hana Miller: Founder of The Balanced Woman and Hana Medicine

Spotlight on Hana Miller: Founder of The Balanced Woman and Hana Medicine - NOOCI

Meet Hana Miller, Holistic Women’s Health Expert and Founder of The Balanced Woman and Hana Medicine. Through her expertise in Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine, she has helped numerous women cultivate physical, emotional, and spiritual balance through holistic and synergistic practices. Here, we dig a little deeper into the world of holistic wellness and how Hana helps women empower themselves through different methods of healing.


Tell us about your story! We’d love to know what brought you to start your practice. 

My own healing journey began at four years old. I was in an accident that left me largely unharmed with the exception of unexpected fainting spells, persistent dizziness and nausea, and chronic fatigue. By western standards nothing was wrong with me; when my condition worsened in college I saw one doctor after another, took test after test and everything came up negative. I sought alternative means of healing, adjusted my diet, tried different exercises, breathwork, meditation and while each of these modalities helped, it wasn’t until I found Catie, an acupuncturist who focused on treating the spirit, that everything changed. I had seen other acupuncturists but she was the first one who I felt really saw ME.


One single session with her and I stopped fainting after close to seventeen years of frustration, fear, and suffering. She saw not just the physical manifestation of fainting, but also the emotional trauma and scars it had created. After several transformative sessions she cleared enough space for me to call in a path that was in alignment with my spiritual purpose.


Arriving to where I am today was a challenging, vital, and passionate process. With the aid of Chinese Medicine, Peruvian shamanism, and a disciplined and ongoing dedication to my highest self I have finally arrived in a place where I can share my own healing process with others so that they may experience their own metamorphosis. 


What are some of the most common issues you see with women when joining your programs?

I created my online program, The Balanced Woman, because I had one woman after another coming to me suffering with chronic hormonal imbalances. Everything from debilitating cramps, infertility, depression, anxiety, PMS, PCOS, fibroids, mood swings, weight instability, migraines, etc etc. I wanted to empower women to heal themselves regardless of where they were located geographically and not have to rely on birth control, doctors, surgery, or anyone else when it came to their health and wellbeing. 


In holistic healing and integrative practices, what are some trends that you’re seeing within the space?

I’ve seen so much momentum gathering behind daily care practices that are born of eastern medicine and holistic health principles. It has been AMAZING and so inspiring to see people taking their wellbeing into their own hands and discovering ways to integrate nutrition, herbs, acupressure, qi gong, and guasha into their healing rituals. 


You have mentioned physical blockages that affect all of us, can you elaborate on how that affects our day to day?

In Chinese Medicine all pain is born of Qi (i.e. energetic) stagnation. And ALL things are Qi - our physical body, our emotions, our spirituality - it’s the animating force that creates the universe. When it comes to the basic tenets of treatment, acupuncture endeavors to move Qi and Blood - simple as that. When we are experiencing physical pain and blockages, especially anything chronic, it’s important to ask ourselves if there is something else going on. Is there an emotional component to your pain? Were you in a traumatic accident and still suffering even though it has been months or even years? Or do you keep repeating the same emotional and behavioral patterns and notice headaches, nausea, shoulder and back pain emerge when you get stressed out? Chinese Medicine is holistic, systematic and deeply connected. True healing requires that we take the entire being and a multitude of factors into consideration. 


Outside of your practice, what do you do to balance your wellbeing? 

I practice Qi Gong daily, meditate every morning, eat a plant based diet in accordance to my hormonal wellbeing, walk my little Pomeranian Obi, garden, swim/surf, and spend time with my loved ones.


What are some easy ways women can bring balance into their lives? 

First and foremost remember to fill your own cup first. All too often women put everyone else before them - their partners, children, families, neighbors, coworkers, etc. There is a certain amount of satisfaction and fulfillment associated with martyrdom but they give to the point that there is nothing left which leaves them exhausted, struggling with hormonal imbalances, anxious, depressed, and disconnected. When we focus on ourselves first and cultivate expansive self love and abundance our cup is so replete that it begins to bubble over and benefit everyone around us. It’s a ripple effect and lasting health must absolutely begin with prioritizing ourselves. 

Also…what’s your favorite NOOCI Product?

Noo Moon! As a women’s holistic health expert Noo Moon is a godsend! I personally have benefitted immensely from it and recommend it to all of my patients/clients to ease cramps, bloating, PMS, and irregular cyclical patterns. 


Want to know more about Hana Miller? You can reach her through Hana Medicine to learn more about her acupuncture sessions, or reach her Holistic practices at The Balanced Woman.

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