Steph’s Favorite Picks For The Holiday Season At Nordstrom’s Pop-In

Steph’s Favorite Picks For The Holiday Season At Nordstrom’s Pop-In - NOOCI

If you haven’t already heard, NOOCI has been handpicked by Bonberi's Nicole Berrie to be featured in Nordstrom’s 2022 Holiday Pop-In! Browsing through the curated gift list, I immediately recognized some of my favorite products and quickly added them to my shopping cart… With a busy work schedule and two toddlers in tow, it is never too early to start stocking up on holiday gifts! Here are my favorite picks, all of which supplement NOOCI’s TCM lifestyle:


PuraSoma’s Unplug Bath Salts

Perfect for: your best friend who can use a break from work, responsibilities, etc. 

I look forward to drawing a relaxing bath after a long day of emails, calls, and chasing my little ones around, so PuraSoma’s Unplug Bath Salts are a staple in my bathroom. I especially love their immunity-boosting bath treatment, which contains a mixture of grey sea salt, French green clay, and organic ginger. Ginger has long been one of my favorite TCM ingredients for its many benefits (also found in our Noo Moon Menstrual Support formula!), and I love how this is both relaxing and immunity-boosting – talk about multi-tasking!


BATHEN's Gender Inclusive Stripe Robe

Perfect for: your partner and loved ones

In TCM, the concept of wind, or feng xie, is believed to be the cause of many illnesses. Your pores open up during a hot shower, which makes it easier for wind to penetrate the skin especially in the neck and upper back areas. When this damp wind "invades" the body, your immunity is weakened and you become more susceptible to the common cold, getting headaches, developing nausea (just to name a few). Therefore, it is critical to stay warm and dry – which this handwoven cotton robe will certainly help with!


NOOCI’s ReNoo Overall Health Supplement

Perfect for: every woman who needs a boos on t of good health (yourself included)! 

I start my day with a serving of ReNoo mixed in hot water, two sometimes if I need an extra boost. This all-in-one formula is science-backed but rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine wisdom -- developed by NOOCI’s Scientific Advisors specifically for women’s body constitution, it tastes like green tea and conveniently comes in sachets that are convenient for my on-the-go lifestyle. Not only does it give me an energy and gut health boost, but it also helps lower my sugar cravings with its inclusion of Gymnema Sylvestre, cinnamon, acerola cherry, fermented coix seeds, green tea, and young barley grass.


Lyric's Therapeutic Handheld Massager

Perfect for: the mother or father figure in your life

There is nothing quite like a good massage to help relieve body tensions, but it's not easy to find the time to go to a massage therapist within my busy schedule... So I was excited to find this massager, which has a companion app for customized wellness routines. Once I select my desired module (pain relief, calm, or energy), the device guides me to different pressure points in my body and provides timed vibrations for each body part. I gave one to my parents and they both loved it!


Strange Bird’s Gaia Earth Drops

Perfect for: the one person who’s always hard to shop for

This plant-based, moisturizing facial oil is suitable for all skin types and leaves a dewy, non-greasy finish – making it a great gift for just about anyone. Better yet, it contains a medley of some of my favorite TCM ingredients: rosemary (also in ReNoo), perilla (also in Noo Air), ginger and ginseng (also in Noo Moon).


‘Body Harmony: Nourishing, Plant-Based Recipes for Intuitive Eating’ Cookbook

Perfect for: your coworker who reads every nutritional label

This is more than just a cookbook -- it gave me a new perspective on the relationship between food and my body. It is a collection of Nicole’s personal reflections and delicious vegan recipes, many of which my family has tried and loved. My meat-loving kids don’t even know that they’re eating veggies!  This makes a great holiday gift, especially as we head into a season of feasting!

From now until January 9, you can find these products (as well as NOOCI’s ReNoo and Noo Air) online at, or visit Nordstrom’s holiday pop-in stores around the country at the following locations:

  •         Nordstrom NYC Flagship (New York, NY)
  •         Nordstrom Michigan Avenue (Chicago, IL)
  •         Nordstrom Downtown Seattle (Seattle, WA)
  •         Nordstrom Bellevue Square (Bellevue, WA)
  •         Nordstrom South Coast Plaza (Costa Mesa, CA)
  •         Nordstrom Valley Fair (San Jose, CA)

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