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Our Mission

Join us and make TCM an accessible and integral part of everyday life, because everyone deserves good health. NOOCI's affiliate partners are passionate about TCM-- they have incorporated different TCM elements into their lifestyles, and they want to increase awareness of this ancient wisdom so that everyone else can experience the transformation. Is that you?

Why Partner with NOOCI?

NOOCI is by women, for women. We are leading the way in demystifying TCM so that every woman can incorporate it into her lifestyle. By joining our NOOCI affiliate program, you will become a part of our core community in bringing awareness to TCM and help champion this movement.

Benefits of being part of our affiliate program

  • Earn a monthly commission on every new customer referral.
  • Get to know TCM thought leaders and grow your network within the wellness space.
  • Receive NOOCI products on a regular basis (shhh... you might even get to test our new products before launch!)
  • Be the first to participate in our exclusive promotions, launches, and events

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