Our mission at NOOCI is to make Traditional Chinese Medicine accessible to all - with high-quality herbal formulas, expert advice, and support throughout your health journey.

Behind The Brand

As my life got busier, I increasingly began to turn to over-the-counter solutions to feel better, and it wasn’t until my second pregnancy that I took a longer pause to reassess my overall health.

While quick fixes were easy, I wanted a holistic, natural approach to my long-term wellness. However, I quickly realized in my research that the information was fragmented and convoluted even for people like myself.

NOOCI was born out of my desire to close this knowledge gap, to make a herbal remedies accessible for all so they too can see the powerful part it can play in a sustainable healthy lifestyle. By combining time-honored ingredients, science-backed research, and the latest herbal extraction technology, we’re modernizing TCM for today’s busy lifestyles.

NOOCI Scientific Advisory Board

  • Dr. Wendy Wong

    PhD, BCM
    Founder of Dr. Wendy Wong’s Clinic; Honorary Professor, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

    Integrative Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine


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  • Dr. Robin H. Miller

    MD, MHS
    Integrative medicine specialist, Founder of Triune Integrative Medicine

    Integrative Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine


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  • Jillian L. Capodice

    MS, LAC
    Assistant Professor, Ichan School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

    Integrative Medicine, Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine


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  • Professor Justin Wu


    Founding director of the Hong Kong Institute of Integrative Medicine CUHK, President of the Asian Pacific Association of Gastroenterology

    Integrative Medicine, Gastroenterologist


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  • Dr. Wajahat Mehal

    MD, DPhil

    Professor, Yale School of Medicine (Gastroenterology)



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For the TCM-Curious

Used to treat and prevent illness for more than 3,000 years, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is rooted in the concept of qi, which is the energy within the body that must flow freely in order for internal systems to work in harmony and fend off illness. TCM considers the laws of nature, our environment, and our nervous system's natural responses to maintain or restore qi in order to achieve functional balance within our bodies.

Ingredients you can trace

At NOOCI, We believe in supply chain transparency and responsibly source our ingredients from around the world - building trusted relationships with our partners to deliver clean, sustainable, and high-quality ingredients you can fully trace.

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