Gymnema sylvestre: Nature's Magical Plant

Gymnema sylvestre: Nature's Magical Plant - NOOCI

What is Gymnema sylvestre?

Inside its lush green foliage and bursts of yellow flowers, Gymnema sylvestre hides a secret. In fact, this innocuous plant is known in Ayurvedic medicine to treat and prevent a variety of health conditions, including diabetes. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), it is used to clear heat, relieve wind-damp, nourish yin, and restore qi

Gymnema sylvestre is a woody, climbing plant that grows in tropical forests across Asia. Commonly distributed over most of India, it is known by the locals as “Meshasringi”, and is used to assist digestion, control diabetes, and address stress and inflammation. It was described as “the most important species based on its use” by the Kani tribals in Tamil Nadu. In TCM, the plant is consumed as tea, or by chewing the leaves. G. sylvestre salad, anyone?

The popularity of Gymnema sylvestre supplements in Ayurvedic and TCM treatments has only grown over the years, which has landed it on the radar of the scientific community in the East and the West. Researchers analyzing bioactive agents in plants have tested Gymnema sylvestre’s ability to manage diabetes, cancer, stress, allergies, blood pressure, and metabolism. Great progress has been made in understanding the medicinal value of the plant and how to enhance its benefits. 

Lucky for you, Gymnema sylvestre is one of the key ingredients in ReNoo, our proprietary formula for wellbeing prepared in a comforting cup of tea. Incorporating ReNoo into your daily routine is an easy way to gain all the benefits of Gymnema sylvestre in one step: ReNoo can help you overcome stress, manage a healthy diet, and boost your immune system with the wisdom of TCM. Here are more on three top benefits of Gymnema Sylvestre that TCM practitioners swear by: 

Overcome stress

Gymnema sylvestre is an effective addition to your anti-stress routine. A study that used leukocyte count as a marker for stress found that the plant’s extract had a significant effect in managing the biological reaction to stressors. The stress in our lives is driven by two factors: a stimulus and the response in your body. Gymnema sylvestre can help manage both through a holistic approach: it can help mitigate the effects stress has on your body and your life, and help you avoid certain stressors. For instance, stress is related to qi deficiency, which is also associated with diabetes. Avoiding refined sugar with Gymnema sylvestre is a way to manage diabetes, restore qi, and ultimately address the root cause of your stress in one fell swoop.

Gymnema sylvestre can also help with stress-related conditions. Further experiments have shown that Gymnema sylvestre can play a role in your strategy to manage high blood pressure. In TCM, heart disease, hypertension, and other chronic conditions are strongly associated with qi deficiency. If you’re looking to supplement your hypertension prescription, Gymnema sylvestre can reduce your elevated systolic blood pressure, or in other words, the maximum exertion of your heartbeat. Your heart works less when Gymnema sylvestre works for you. 

Ease your diabetes

Looking for a natural supplement for insulin management? Studies have found that gymnema Sylvestre can increase the number of insulin-secreting beta cells in the pancreas. In turn, this helps your body regulate blood sugars and eliminates symptoms of nausea and fatigue. Gymnema sylvestre also stimulates the enzymes responsible for glucose uptake, which work together with insulin to process nutrients and energize your body. 

In TCM, diabetes has been understood as yin deficiency and dry heat. By contrast, Gymnema sylvestre has been used to restore yin and clear heat. Your metabolism will thank you!

Gymnema sylvestre can also help you manage healthy eating by reducing your cravings for sugar. The plant has also been known as “gur-mar”, roughly translated as “sugar killer”, and consuming it can actually change how your tastebuds process sugar, changing your desire for certain foods

Adding Gymnema sylvestre to your routine means you don’t have to worry constantly about changing your diet and fighting cravings, because your body will automatically start to prefer non-sugary foods. This benefit is best experienced in the hours after consuming Gymnema sylvestre, and it also provides structure for healthier habits over the long term.

Boost your immunity

Gymnema sylvestre is also a pick-me-up that will boost your immune system, whether you’re just looking to live healthier or you’re looking to address a specific symptom. It contains several polysaccharides that have been tested for their immunological activities. These natural compounds have been tested with human tumor cell samples and shown to have excellent anti-tumor inhibition abilities.  

Moreover, Gymnema sylvestre has traditionally been used to prevent allergies, which is now understood to be because of its high flavonoid and antioxidant content. Its anti-tumor and immune improvement properties can be a key part of how your health habits make you feel your best, everyday. By adding this simple supplement to your diet, you can address the core issues behind diminished yin and imbalanced qi, ultimately restoring your body’s vital energy. One plant can hold a lot of power!

Incorporate Gymnema in your daily routine with NOOCI’s ReNoo Women’s Longevity formula, an all-natural, science-backed supplement inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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