Ginger: Keeping you Toasty Every Step of the Way

Ginger: Keeping you Toasty Every Step of the Way - NOOCI

When you get sick, the immediate remedy without fail is always to have a tea with an element of ginger involved. It is a beloved ingredient used in various ways, from food preparation to traditional medicine in many cultures, being the one root ingredient that is here to stay because of its many healing properties. Thanks to its pungent flavor, ginger is considered a warming food in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Not only is it good for dispelling cold and warming up the body, it helps with many ailments including stomach ache, nausea, cholera, haemorrhage, rheumatism, and toothaches. Truly nature’s miracle!

Read on to discover what other benefits Ginger can provide. 

Young Ginger vs Old Ginger: What’s the difference?

Young Ginger: Harvested halfway through its growth cycle, its skin is thinner, pinkish, and paler color, it’s considered to be borderline neutral to warming in TCM properties, promotes appetites and aids digestion. The easiest example of young ginger are the picked gingers that come with your sushi. It is believed that young ginger can balance out the cooling effects of eating sushi or sashimi. If you love the ginger you get at sushi, don’t be afraid to have more of it!

Old Ginger: on the other hand is harvested throughout the growing cycle with even more warming and potent properties. You can easily get this from the produce section in the supermarket. Old ginger is fibrous and isn’t the best for direct consumption, but it's the perfect ingredient when steaming fish (yum!), baking chicken, stir-frying pork and more. Also a little tip to help when you feel nauseous? Put a slice of fresh old ginger under your tongue, as an easy breezy home remedy to prevent it.


A Wonder Tea For Your Cabinet

Looking above and beyond when it comes to potency levels within ginger? Dried ginger is the key and commonly used in ginger tea, best taken in the morning to kickstart the body. Though with potency comes the high’s and low’s. The high’s being that ginger tea can help you get over a cold or even alleviate PMS symptoms. Studies have even shown that ginger extracts can be as good as ibuprofen for menstrual pain relief.

Everything in moderation comes into play when it comes to the low’s. If you’re experiencing acne, sore throat, constipation, dry mouth and insomnia. Take a break from your ginger tea if you’re consuming too much of it at one go.


Warm your way to a healthier body with a hearty healthy ginger turmeric noodle soup, or simply balance your monthly cycle with NOOCI’s science-backed Noo Moon Menstrual Support Formula. This Traditional Chinese Medicine-inspired supplement provides relief from cramps, reduces bloating, supports irregular cycles, all in one go.

Doug Cheung

Doug Cheung is a graduate in Epidemiology from Harvard University and a co-founder of SYT Wellness where he partners with his father, Dr. Cheung Yung, an expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine, to deliver evidence-based Traditional Chinese Medicine. Doug has published numerous peer-reviewed scientific research articles including Complementary and Alternative Medicine, minority health, health behaviors, and COVID-19. SYT Wellness is a Hong Kong wellness brand committed to provide world-class Chinese Medicine services. SYT Wellness focuses on urban diseases including chronic pain, weight management, and other chronic health issues accumulating 30+ years of expertise.

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