Warm Your Circulation and Qi Through These 3 Foods

Warm Your Circulation and Qi Through These 3 Foods - NOOCI

You’re under the covers but your feet are still freezing. Maybe there’s something more to it than an extra pair of wooly socks. With cold limbs, fatigue and poor blood circulation during winter, the female body is more “yin” in energy than male’s in the TCM realm, making women more prone to symptoms of cold body constitutions.

Get to know the warming properties of these 3 foods for improving body circulation.

Sweet Potato is neutral in TCM properties as it can replenish stomach qi, aid digestion and alleviate constipation. Boosting your stomach qi can keep your flow throughout the body, thus keeping the body warm. If you’re roasting potatoes for the season, this is the perfect sweet and healthy treat to have.

Red Jujube is also another neutral food for the winter. Not only does it replenish your stomach qi to keep you warm. It can also calm the mind and improve your skin complexion. Bonus, it’s also low in calories and high in fiber and many other nutrients. You can have dried red jujube as a snack as a multifunctional healthy snack.

Longan fruit is best known as a brain booster and can help fight fatigue, replenishing both qi and blood. Not only is it warming as well, it’s also popular amongst tea ingredients, known for being a sleeping aid before bed and can soothe you to sleep. Get the best out of this ingredient by enjoying its sweet elements and health benefits, while also having a good balance of its warming qualities.

Doug Cheung

Doug Cheung is a graduate in Epidemiology from Harvard University and a co-founder of SYT Wellness where he partners with his father, Dr. Cheung Yung, an expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine, to deliver evidence-based Traditional Chinese Medicine. Doug has published numerous peer-reviewed scientific research articles including Complementary and Alternative Medicine, minority health, health behaviors, and COVID-19. SYT Wellness is a Hong Kong wellness brand committed to provide world-class Chinese Medicine services. SYT Wellness focuses on urban diseases including chronic pain, weight management, and other chronic health issues accumulating 30+ years of expertise.

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