The Guide To Glowing Skin

The Guide To Glowing Skin - NOOCI

Skincare is constantly evolving; there’s always a new, cutting-edge ingredient proclaiming to transform skin like never before. As a result, we often push proven tactics aside in favor of the latest and greatest innovation.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed simply trying to keep up, it may be time to take a step back and consider Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This ancient practice believes that a better complexion isn’t achieved by purely slathering things ON the skin but by taking a natural, holistic approach that regulates the body’s qi (vital energy) from the inside out to improve your skin health.

Read on to learn about the five science-backed skincare secrets our ancient elders swear by.

  1. Feast on fermented soybeans: Rich in lactic acid, fermented soy milk can improve skin quality and delay the effects of aging. But, don’t worry; we don’t expect you to start fermenting soybeans as part of your skincare routine. Instead, reap the benefits by taking NOOCI’s ReNOO Women’s Longevity formula, a powerful Traditional Chinese Medicine-inspired daily supplement with anti-aging effects.
  1. Use a jade roller or gua sha: You’ve probably seen these beautiful tools make an appearance on your Instagram feed. But they don’t just look pretty perched on a vanity; they also increase circulation, encourage lymphatic drainage, and release blocked qi to depuff and tone skin for a lit-from-within look. To learn how to use a gua sha, visit this Instagram account where you’ll also see some incredible results.
  1. Sip on green tea: The benefits of green tea are endless. Aside from its energy-boosting, cancer-fighting, and weight-loss effects, it’s also been shown to protect and improve skin. Chock-full of polyphenols, these antioxidant-rich compounds can literally bring skin cells back from the dead and slow the signs of aging. They also protect the skin against damaging UV rays and reduce redness and irritation caused by inflammation.

If green tea’s distinct taste isn’t for you, create a topical rinse by steeping two tea bags in boiling water for 15 minutes. Let it cool, and then splash it on your face for a soothing treatment you can easily do at home.

  1. Take acerola: This bright red cherry-like fruit is bursting with skin-friendly minerals and vitamins, including vitamin C and beta-carotene. When applied topically, Acerola extract can help brighten and hydrate skin, improve hyperpigmentation, and combat blemishes. 
  1. Try facial acupuncture: The original microneedling (though much gentler), this technique involves applying thin needles to the skin to improve qi and help activate the body’s natural healing mechanisms, increasing collagen production and improving skin elasticity. Most practitioners will recommend between 5 and 10 sessions to see improvement in skin health.

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that when you take care of the entire body, your skin glows. And, there’s something to be said about a 3000-year-old skincare secret that’s still kicking; We’ll take that over the next TikTok skincare trend any day.

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