The Benefits of Using a Facial Roller Daily

The Benefits of Using a Facial Roller Daily - NOOCI

Benefits of a Rose Quartz Facial Roller

Rose quartz is a therapeutic stone that has long been associated with love, calmness, and healing, and Rose Quartz Facial Roller's can be used day and night to wake up your skin and help you unwind before bed. This stone is especially great for promoting qi circulation, detoxing, lifting, and softening fine lines. Unlike jade, which warms upon skin contact, this stone remains cool throughout use. Rose Quartz Facial Roller’s cooling properties can produce better result such as:

• Stimulate facial qi circulation
• Promote lymphatic drainage
• Support anti-aging
• Improve skin tone + elasticity
• Calm inflammation + reduce puffiness 

How to Use

The larger, oval stone is made for the flatter planes such as your cheeks, forehead, and jaw areas, while the smaller, round stone is perfect for your nose, mouth, and eye areas.

When used with your topical oil or serum, this facial roller can also enhance product absorption and further amplify your desired skin results.


How to Store

After each use, wipe the stones with a clean cloth or wash with warm, soapy water. Pat the roller dry after to avoid rusting the metal. Store your dry facial roller inside the provided pouch between uses. For best results, keep your roller in the fridge to enhance the stone’s natural coolness and effects.

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