Spotlight on Qihui Jin: Acupuncturist at The Force Acupuncture

Spotlight on Qihui Jin: Acupuncturist at The Force Acupuncture - NOOCI

Meet Acupuncturist Qihui Jin! Founder of The Force Acupuncture. Qihui specializes in areas of sports injuries, women’s health, mental health, adolescent care, digestion, and weight management. Learn more about him and his wealth of TCM knowledge with our spotlight on him.

How did you begin as an acupuncturist, and what brought you to start practicing?

Based on my interests in medicine and the human body from a young age, I decided to study Chinese medicine at the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine during my second year of college, despite originally being a social work major. I recognized the potential benefits of incorporating traditional Chinese medicine into my work with senior clients, which led me to pursue further training and certification to become a licensed acupuncturist in addition to a social worker.

Upon commencing my studies of Chinese medicine at Pacific College in the United States, I became aware of the fact that Chinese philosophy and culture have shaped my lifestyle. I felt a deep sense of gratitude for my Chinese heritage. I prefer to view my practice not just as a form of medicine, but as a means of practicing and honoring the ancestral wisdom and philosophy of my heritage.

Being in the acupuncture space, what have been the most common ailments you’ve seen in the more recent years in your practice?

Chronic pain, headaches, migraines, stress and anxiety, insomnia, digestive disorders, and fertility issues are common ailments that stem from our modern diet and stressful lifestyle. Thankfully, Chinese medicine offers a holistic approach to addressing these issues from physical, emotional, and spiritual perspectives. 

What do you see is crucial to improve amongst our busy lifestyles?

As for me, I believe that it's crucial to cultivate mindful eating habits to improve our digestive system and maintain healthy gut flora. Additionally, I practice Qi-Gong to promote emotional well-being and regularly engage in gardening to reconnect with nature and improve my spiritual life.

How do you meld and find balance in your daily personal life, running your practice, and the many projects you bring about?

Chinese medicine plays a central role in my daily life. I love infusing the 24 Jie Qi (24 solar terms) wisdom into my cooking routine. Whenever I am with my daughter, I often share stories and engage in discussions about the book of Huang Di Nei Jing, particularly the conversations between Huang Di and Qi Bo. Together, we learn and identify Chinese herbs. I also practice pediatric massage on my daughter to help her sleep better, which benefits us both.

Outside of your practice, what do you do to balance your wellbeing? 

In the springtime, I find joy in hiking with friends and collecting natural treasures. As summer arrives, I tend to the farms and cultivate crops. The fall season is reserved for harvesting and cooking, while the winter months are primarily spent indoors for self-reflection.


Want to know about Qihui Jin? You can reach her through The Force Acupuncture to learn more about acupuncture and his practices. You can also find him on Instagram.

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