Spilling the Tea…on a Calm Mind

Spilling the Tea…on a Calm Mind - NOOCI

If you’re one of the millions suffering from a restless mind, the ancient practices of TCM may be just what you need to put yourself at ease. While this eastern philosophy may seem foreign to many in the US, its solutions are quite approachable, and readily available in your local supermarket or online. That’s right… we’re spilling the tea… on tea!

According to TCM, teas can provide a wide array of benefits, including removing toxins from the liver, enhancing moods and sleep quality, improving vision and rejuvenating skin. Below is one of our favorite recipes for Mind Soothing Flower Tea. It’s the perfect remedy after a long day at work or whenever you need a nice up cup of tea for relaxation. While all ingredients can easily be ordered on Amazon, you can also check nearby Asian markets and health food stores for many of these items (and more TCM favorites!). Some, like Goji berries, are even available at Whole Foods or other major supermarkets.

Additionally, the ingredients in this flower tea make for great “leftovers”! Items like rose bud and goji berries are also favorites of ours around the house. Use leftover rose buds as a sachet in your drawers or a small bowl on your bathroom counter for a sweet, but subtle scent. And Goji berries are a delicious topping on an açaí bowl or ice cream – anything that you’re looking for a little extra flavor and texture on!

Why we love this flower tea? Not only does its beautiful aromas put us at ease, but it’s delicious to taste, so finishing a mug or two is no problem. Plus, it's quick to make.


Mind Soothing Flower Tea

Makes 2-3 cups

Roasted jujube seed (Heated Spina Date Seed)  3g or ¼ tablespoon

Jasmine flower 3g or ¼ tablespoon

Rose bud  3g or ¼ tablespoon

Longan meat 3g or ¼ tablespoon

Goji berries 3g or ¼ tablespoon


Rinse goji berries and longan meat. Add all ingredients to a tea pouch or strainer and mix together. Pour 1-2 cups of boiling water over the mix and let brew for 5 minutes. Avoid letting the loose mixture get in the water. Reheat water and brew again for additional cups.

We hope you enjoy this tea for relaxation! If you are pregnant or under a doctor’s care, please consult a TCM provider or your doctor first.

Source: SYT Wellness

Doug Cheung

Doug Cheung is a graduate in Epidemiology from Harvard University and a co-founder of SYT Wellness where he partners with his father, Dr. Cheung Yung, an expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine, to deliver evidence-based Traditional Chinese Medicine. Doug has published numerous peer-reviewed scientific research articles including Complementary and Alternative Medicine, minority health, health behaviors, and COVID-19. SYT Wellness is a Hong Kong wellness brand committed to provide world-class Chinese Medicine services. SYT Wellness focuses on urban diseases including chronic pain, weight management, and other chronic health issues accumulating 30+ years of expertise.

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