Meet Our Scientific Advisor: Jillian Capodice

Meet Our Scientific Advisor: Jillian Capodice - NOOCI

Jillian is one of NOOCI’s Scientific Advisors, and she is a thought leader in the field of complementary and integrative medicine. Learn more about Jillian as we ask dive into more knowledge about her practices.

How did you find your way into acupuncture, and integrative medicine? 
I tried out an acupuncture treatment when I was in college and was completely intrigued. I started reading as much as I could find out about acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and other traditional medicines and knew it was field for me.

When we refer to “alternative medicine” practices, what are some common misconceptions? 
That there is a division between alternative and conventional medicines and its one versus the other. Yes, we often search for alternative treatments and practices when something typical might not be working but there should not be such a disconnect.  The human body is tremendously adept at healing itself and there are many things that are considered alternative that work and are safe despite not having level 1 clinical trial data behind it. The practice of medicine is always in flux and alternative things become conventional and vice versa.

How do you marry your integrative practices with acupuncture for your patients in terms of diet and medicine? 
I always discuss diet and nutrition with patients because food is one of our main sources of qi. Food is energy and what we eat is critical to our survival, overall health, and day-to-day functions that we may not realize like mood, energy levels, sleep quality, and ability to think, be creative, and get tasks done.

What are your thoughts on the future of medicine? 
The future of medicine is bright. I think there is a renewed focus on patient-centered and value-based care and we need this both as individuals and for society. I also love all new advances and science like genomic tests and all of the new things we are learning about the mind and its role in physical health.

How do you find balance between your personal and professional lives?Outside of your practice, what do you do to balance your wellbeing?  
I love my practice and it fits my lifestyle really well right now. Exercise, qi gong and meditation, and spending time with loved ones are the main things I do to balance my wellbeing. I love lifting weights and I do at least a short 10-minute session of sitting meditation or qi gong before I start seeing patients for the day. I love eating out, cooking, and live music.

Also…what’s your favorite NOOCI Product?

All of them. I really like ReNoo and have been giving a cup to patients at the end of a treatment (hot or cold and sometimes mixed with matcha) and it has rave reviews by everyone (even males)! I am finding that Noo Air and Noo Moon work well alone and in combination with other TCM herbal formulas (patients) or individualized formulas I prescribe for my patients.


Want to reach Jillian Capodice? You can catch her at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai or at Jillian Capodice for more educational learning and and daily health tips.

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