Meet Our Scientific Advisor: Dr. Robin Miller

Meet Our Scientific Advisor: Dr. Robin Miller - NOOCI

Meet Dr. Robin Miller, one of NOOCI’s Scientific Advisors who has been guiding us through her unique integrative medicine lens and its importance in the field ofTraditional Chinese Medicine. With an M.D. from the University of Illinois of Medical School and over 25 years of experience in the integrative medicine space, Dr. Miller is a published author and a clinical professor in Medical Informatics at Oregon Health & Science University. She strongly believes in the benefits of complementary therapies with traditional medicine. Below, we will dig a little deeper into integrative health with her.


What is integrative medicine and why is it important?

Integrative medicine is a practice that is focused on the whole patient wherein the provider and patient form a partnership to promote healing and wellness. It utilizes multiple forms of treatment that will best serve the patient. It is important because it works to allow people to heal and prevent disease. If someone is ill, the goal is to get to the root of the problem and not just treat the symptoms.


How does Traditional Chinese Medicine fit into integrative medicine?

Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the modalities that helps in the treatment of patients. It is an important part of the provider’s tools used to promote health and healing.


What are the latest trends you’re seeing in integrative medicine?

The latest trends are examining and evaluating lifestyle and nutrition choices to best prevent infections such as viral illnesses like COVID-19.

The microbiome has become a major focus. Gut health is essential for fighting infections and maintaining health. The design of effective pre and probiotics along with nutritional changes are being researched and designed for patients. In addition, there is a major focus on nutrition and the ability to improve and possibly reverse diseases such as Alzheimer’s. The MIND diet is a good example of this.


What are some easy ways that women can bring integrative medicine in their lives?

They can exercise, eat a heart healthy, whole foods plant-based diet, meditate and find a provider who is based in Integrative Medicine to allow them to promote health and healing.

It is important that women adopt healthy lifestyles as early as possible in life. That said, fitness and health can be achieved at any age. The diet that has been most researched and has maximum benefit is the Mediterranean style diet. It is rich in plant-based foods, vegetables, whole grains, olive oil and lean protein. This diet reduces the risk of developing cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and stroke and increases longevity. It also is a great way to keep hormones in balance.

Certain foods have been found to help overall health and may protect against cancer and heart disease in women. As an example, cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower help protect against breast cancer and melanoma. Beets lower blood pressure and turmeric protects against infection. Kale raises good cholesterol (HDL) and lowers bad cholesterol (LDL).  Blueberries are great for the brain and are very tasty. Beans are high in fiber and help regulate blood sugar, and people around the world who live long lives have this one food in common. Fish, rich in omega-3 fatty acid will also help keep your brain healthy. Sardines, in particular, provide the added benefit of being rich in vitamin D also important for strong bones as well as longevity.

Exercise is important to maintain muscle and stamina and promote a healthy metabolism. Between the ages of 20 and 40 there is not much change. However, after 40 there is a decline of 1% to 2% lean body mass per year and strength diminishes by 1.5% to 5% per year. Lifting weights and walking can be effective. Yoga is a wonderful form of exercise for women and requires no weights, because it uses body weight for building strength. Tai chi is a great form of exercise/meditation that reduces anxiety and improves agility and flexibility. Pilates, dance, and kickboxing are also great forms of exercise for women.


The Bottom Line: By adopting a healthy lifestyle, women can achieve wellness and be the driver in their own health.


Also...What’s your favorite NOOCI product?

ReNoo is my favorite product. I put it in my tea every morning and it has given me re-newed energy. It has helped with my cravings as well.


Want to know more about Dr. Robin Miller? You can reach her through Triune Integrative Medicine, also learn more about yourself through her book Healed! Health & Wellness for the 21st Century: Wisdom, Secrets, and Fun Straight from the Leading Edge and also The Smart Women’s Guide to Midlife & Beyond.

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