Maintaining Toasty Toes All Day

Maintaining Toasty Toes All Day - NOOCI

Have you ever felt that your hands and feet are freezing up even though it’s a perfectly warm day?  In many instances, this could mean that you are experiencing a qi imbalance internally, when your Yin and Yang energies are disconnected in your body. Yang conveys energy to your limbs while yin conveys energy to your organs. When the two elements don’t align, cold limbs are usually your first tell-tale sign. Other than cold limbs, you may also experience a slower-than-normal heart beat or feel a sudden craving for warm food – those are all signs pointing to Yin and Yang misalignment, and likely why you are not feeling on top of your game. 


If you find yourself experiencing some of those symptoms, there are a few easy remedies that can help.  For example, exercising more – physical activities can promote better circulation and metabolism. You can also try a foot bath – prepare a small tub of hot water (up to 40°C/104°F) to soak your feet and calves in before bedtime can help improve microcirculation (and helps you sleep better too!).  One of our other favorite remedies is a Chinese tea recipe, and it contain just three ingredients that can be found at most Asian grocers:

Dried salted plum (warming) - preserved with sugar and salt, these are rich in micronutrients that can ease indigestion, lower cholesterol, prevent constipation and promote weight loss.

Osmanthus flower (warming) – an aromatic and natural breath deodorant whose warming properties can warm you up, all the way from your throat to your stomach. It can also help with tooth and stomach pain.

Jasmine green tea (cooling) – this brain-boosting tea helps refresh your mind and enlightens your mood, and it also relieves dry throat and eyes. It contains a powerful catechin (ECGC) that can improve blood sugar level, aid weight loss and help prevent coronary heart diseases. 


Toasty Toes Chinese Tea Recipe

Serving size: 2 


Dried Salted Plum 2- 4 pcs

Osmanthus Flower  3g

Jasmine Green Tea  6g (or 1 Jasmine green tea bag)


Boil hot water at 70-80°C/158-176°F, pour 2 cups of hot water over ingredient and brew for 9-10 minutes.

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