Herbal Harmony: The Power of Herbs for a Better Menstrual Flow

Herbal Harmony: The Power of Herbs for a Better Menstrual Flow - NOOCI

It’s that time of the month again. Your period has arrived, and those painful cramps have come along with it. Dysmenorrhea, the medical term for these pains, is one of the most common symptoms that women face during their periods. Traditional Chinese Medicine attributes dysmenorrhea to two major causes: qi stagnation and blood stagnation. 

The liver, which filters and detoxifies blood, is responsible for maintaining a smooth flow of qi through our bodies. When we experience a stagnation of qi, this can easily turn into a stagnation of blood, as well. Qi and blood stagnation can result in bloating, spotting, irritability, heavy menstrual flow, and intense pain. 

Thankfully, TCM has a host of herbal remedies to ease these painful menstruation symptoms

Dang Gui

Dang Gui, or angelica sinensis, is also commonly known as female ginseng. Dang Gui is one of the most commonly used TCM herbs for reproductive health and is often consumed as a tonic or soup. This herb moves and nourishes the blood, preventing blood stagnation around menstruation. It is also anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving, which helps reduce cramping and pain. 

Bai Shao

The roots of Bai Shao, or white peony, are dried and typically consumed in herbal teas or as capsules. This herb supports smooth liver functioning and nourishes the blood. It also calms muscle spasms, which relaxes the uterus and relieves cramping. Its antiplatelet effect allows blood to flow more smoothly. 

Chuan Xiong

Chuan Xiong is a powerful herb made from the roots of the Sichuan lovage plant. Often boiled to make a tea or soup, this herb is great for relieving pain and invigorating blood flow. In addition to its uses in treating irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea,  Chuan Xiong is also effective in relieving headaches.


Ginseng, a prized herb, boasts a wide range of benefits that extend to both overall health and menstrual well-being. It is believed to enhance vitality, improve immune function, and boost energy levels. In TCM, it is often utilized to promote balance and harmony within the body. When it comes to menstrual health, ginseng's natural properties are thought to help regulate hormones, alleviate menstrual discomfort, and support a more regular and balanced menstrual cycle.


While these herbs are some of the most commonly used to relieve menstrual pain in TCM, they are by no means the only herbs that are effective for these symptoms. Furthermore, herbs are often used in combination to achieve the best effects. 

Dan Gui Shao Yao San is one of the most widely used TCM herbal formulas to treat dysmenorrhea. In addition to the herbs we covered, this formula also contains Fu Ling, Bai Zhu and Ze Xie. All together, these ingredients nourish the liver and the blood. 

Take any of these herbs or a combination of them and watch your menstrual health transform. To begin your journey towards transforming your menstrual health, check out how our Noo Moon can resolve your daily menstrual issues with ease.


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